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Mercy Stuffing Sequence - Start (Read Description) by CasualMuffin
Mature content
Mercy Stuffing Sequence - Start (Read Description) :iconcasualmuffin:CasualMuffin 113 39
Overwatch Pharmercy Stuffing - Part 1
    The evening sun was settling over the small Overwatch outpost in Gibraltar, casting long shadows across the rocky turf. The base was quiet, apart from the bright lights coming from the main hub of operations, and the whoops and laughs that emanated from the normally imposing building. The almost fort like building almost glowed orange from the radiant sun, that reflected of the supple waves of the sea like a mirror.
                Inside the facility, 10 of the members of Overwatch were having a party after a series of highly successful missions of stopping riots, preventing terrorists and generally keeping the peace. “How’s the cooking comin’ along there, girls?” Mccree called out to Pharah and Mercy, who had their handful frying up some burgers, pizzas, chips, and cooking several cakes and desserts which were heating in the oven. “Yeah, the first batch of
:iconcasualmuffin:CasualMuffin 31 7
Tracer and Widowmaker's Stuff-off! by CasualMuffin
Mature content
Tracer and Widowmaker's Stuff-off! :iconcasualmuffin:CasualMuffin 81 29
Tracer and Widowmaker's Stuff Off - Part 1 by CasualMuffin
Mature content
Tracer and Widowmaker's Stuff Off - Part 1 :iconcasualmuffin:CasualMuffin 143 7
Patreon Vote: Mercy's Mad Science by PressurizedPleasure
Mature content
Patreon Vote: Mercy's Mad Science :iconpressurizedpleasure:PressurizedPleasure 684 29
The perpetual silence that filled the small room was shattered as a tiny belch passed through the overstuffed woman's lips. The once-clean, carpeted floor was now covered with a massive pile-up of torn wrappers, empty plastic bags, dirty plates and a multitude of tiny crumbs. The small wooden table in the center of the room was practically buried underneath a mountain of pizza boxes and soda cans. There was another small burp, followed by an explosive fart that slowly died down into a series of quiet bubbling poofs. Our weary red-haired glutton was lying nearby on the ground with her arms and legs outstretched, and her incredibly rotund gut hanging out in front of her.
"Ohhhhhhhh..." the woman moaned in agony, her emerald-green eyes forced to squint due to her puffy red cheeks, "I think I...urp...I think I...uuuurrrrrrrp...I think I ate too much food...ugh...burrrp..."
Slowly, weakly, the woman stretched out her left arm over towards her protruding belly, and placed her hand u
:iconborin23:Borin23 401 26
A Fairy's Stuffing Session
(Bravely Default/COMMISSION)
Agnes glanced out of the corner of her eye, casting a stare at the small and otherwise unassuming fairy that sat atop the teacup plate with her chin resting in her hand. They were together in the kitchen, waiting for the others to return. Without books to read, enemies to fight, or adventures to be had, it turned out that waiting could be a very, very boring time. It was made all the worse with how much Agnes stressed over the state of her country and its uncertain future. When it came to the matter of calming herself down, food always seemed to do the trick. Binge-eating was not exactly a healthy endeavor for her to engage in, especially for a vestal like herself, but she didn't quite care about that at the current moment in time. Thinking about harrowing dangers, deadly enemies and the numerous obstacles she'd be forced to overcome in the near future, all of that was good enough reason for her to stuff her face. 
Airy had chosen to stay behind while
:iconborin23:Borin23 122 6
Patreon Reward: Piece of Cake by Axlwisp Patreon Reward: Piece of Cake :iconaxlwisp:Axlwisp 489 22 Big Sisters by ChampionAeleon Big Sisters :iconchampionaeleon:ChampionAeleon 182 7 Amazon's diet operation by kurocaze-s Amazon's diet operation :iconkurocaze-s:kurocaze-s 717 16 The Comfort Zone 12a by berserker1133 The Comfort Zone 12a :iconberserker1133:berserker1133 420 15 Weight Wars: The Rematch by LordStormCaller
Mature content
Weight Wars: The Rematch :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 167 23
Commission: Alice 1/3 by poundforpoundcake Commission: Alice 1/3 :iconpoundforpoundcake:poundforpoundcake 464 23 fat and lonely Hestia by Danixdrak fat and lonely Hestia :icondanixdrak:Danixdrak 390 11
A Belching Match Between Mother and Daughter
(Fire Emblem Awakening/Commission)
"Ah...ahh...ugh...uuurrrrp...oh...ugh...oww...blaaaaaarrrrrrpppp...oof, godsdammit..."
Severa let the empty pie tin drop from her sticky, blue hands. She couldn't believe she had eaten all of that. In fact, she couldn't believe she had eaten everything else along with it, all ten entire pies from inside the food storage. They had all been blueberry pie, which was Severa's absolute favorite kind of pie. She had thought she had stronger willpower than this, but as soon as her twitchy little nose caught whiff of those pies, she found herself unable to stop from wanting to eat even only a single slice of one. Severa had never been so starving. In fact, she wasn't much of a big eater to begin with; eating was not one of her strong suits, and considering the sort of hectic life-or-death lifestyle she went through in her hellish timeline, she didn't have the luxury of sitting around and stuffing her face. Now that she could do that if she wanted, howev
:iconborin23:Borin23 198 11
Seconds Please! page 6 by SinicalSymphony
Mature content
Seconds Please! page 6 :iconsinicalsymphony:SinicalSymphony 39 7


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